How do I track my orders?

We will send you email updates about your orders. We will provide you with shipping and tracking details once we ship the items.


Can I cancel or modify the orders?

Yes. You can cancel or modify the order before it ships. We will send a shipping confirmation email. The orders can not be modified or canceled after the items have been shipped. 

Can I see my order status online?

We are currently in the process of adding the functionality the online order tracking functionality. Currently you can not see the order status online. Feel free to send an email to contact@explearntoys.com to know your order status.

How do I initiate a return?

We offer 15 day free returns. Please see our return policy for return details.

What type of wood do you use to manufacture toys?

We are very careful regarding the quality of wood we use for manufacturing. We use variety of wood depending on the toy type. Most commonly used woods are Pine wood, Rubber wood and Beech wood. 

Where are the toys manufactured?

All our toys are manufactured in India. 




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169 reviews

I emailed and the company had just restocked and got me a puzzle out right away. My little boy loves it.

unnecessary necessity for book readers

I saw this and immediately put it in my cart. I tried it as soon as i received it and loved it! It is exactly what it says it is. The opening fits my thumb just right, but it didn't fit as well on my husbands thumb so be mindful of that. Otherwise, I highly recommend it as a nice, effortless way to keep your book open while reading. So clever! Great price too!!

great for playdoh

I love this tool. I have a lot of plastic rollers for playdoh but none of them are sturdy. This is so cute and so functional...not just for play, but to roll out real dough for any small dumplings and such that you might want to make. Great price and great product. I highly recommend it.

One of a kind

I was thrilled to find this 1-100 puzzle. Such a fun way to teach numbers. I'm taking a star off because the pieces are embedded in the puzzle without knobs or exposure so they can be difficult to remove. I usually have to help my little one get them out and in these repeated attempts to take them out, the paint has started to chip off. Then there are others that are so snug, it's hard to take them out all-together without fear of them breaking apart. To rectify this problem, I think I'm going to put some small felt pieces at the bottom to raise the pieces a bit to make it easier to remove them. It's still worth the purchase as it still an unusual find and generally well made with a lot of learning possibilities.

Bright and beautiful

I bought this to use to teach months of the year (wanted days too, but that was unfortunately sold out) to my toddler. It looks great and is well made.